10 Best Plugins for After Effects (Paid and Free)


10 Best Plugins for After Effects (Paid and Free)

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  1. Omg finally a list that is not just Red Giant plugins
    God bless you, brother
    please make more of these

  2. your video is awesome and I have learnt about many plug is that I will definitely try out. I am a beginner and I had a quick one…I get no response from Motion Factory when I drag and drop my particle builder plugin. any help on this? their support sucks honestly

  3. Great video, so grateful for your uploads. What is your background track at 5:02?
    I'm Lovin' it . Be Blessed †

  4. Thank you so much it helped a lot, I love the motion factory plugin and I'll get the rest now

  5. Some are not plugins. They are packs to be used manually or with plugins like: motion bro, motion factory, atom, animation…

  6. I've just stumbled upon your video, knew already about 8 out of 10 presented plugins, but I've never heard about FX Console… So I've installed it right away after watching your video and then went to watch Andrew's video about this plugin… And Maaaan… I was wondering what he will be talking about through those 18 minutes of the video, since it's 'JUST A SIMPLE PLUGIN'… After watching it I completely get you! Thanks for this video, you've earned like, sub and my eternal gratitude! 🙏🏼💖

  7. im new to your channel, first video, but bruh face the camera or don't even bother recording just do audio, your showing the screen as to see the plugin but the screen is way to far to see, like mountain small camera right at the bottom of the screen or attach to the side, just some constructive feedback, other than that ya on point!

  8. Just getting into after effects.. Was doing everything manually thinking to myself how da faq people do this for hours on end. Then I came across animation composer and my life changed forever. And now with this video – i have even more things to play around with. THank you for the great list!


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