3dsmax Tutorial – Beginners Guide #1 – Introduction to max


3dsmax Tutorial – Beginners Guide #1 – Introduction to max

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  1. This is what i need, i have asked my teacher for some problems and he could not solve, so dissapointed till i found you, tks bro!

  2. Hello, your tutorial is great and very easy to follow. I used to work as a 3D modeller animator around 2005 and forgot absolutelly everything. Thanks to you i can try to get back on track:) Appreciated a lot!

  3. Hi. I watch your video. It is very awesome. But i have some problem. I have 3ds max2019 version when I am doing your explanation in my computer there are a little bit problem inside it. For example words of my 3dsmax such as HOTKEY or ASSIGNED TO etc half can see half not. For example it looks HOTKEY —> TKEY.
    Assigned to —> signed to.
    So that what can I do to see full of these words which are inside of 3ds max2019.
    I will very appreciate if you answer my question.
    Thank you.
    ([email protected])

  4. Incredible tutorial. I was working for some time in Maya and now for one of my projects I need 3DS Max. For several days I've been trying to find such tutorials on "premium sites", and to be honest most of them were garbage. You actually explained in 20 minutes everything I wanted to know. You are the KING! Thank you a lot! Like and sub from me!

  5. Haven't touched Maya in 1 1/2 years. Now for my new job I need 3ds max. Your tutorial is way more helpful than anything I've seen online.


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