A FOOL-PROOF Way to Learn Micro/Pharm with ANKI!


A FOOL-PROOF Way to Learn Micro/Pharm with ANKI!

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  1. Are there any books or guides on how to make illustrations like that? I am not finding any for my profession.

  2. Thank you 🙏 Are 2 months enough to master bacteriology and virology only using this deck? I am a pharmD student and I have to take the final exam round 2 (was at this 👌 to get a passing grade back in February)

  3. When I try to do a custom cram study of all the cards in w/ certain tags in the pharm deck, it only lets me do like 4 at a time. Do you know how to change this setting???

  4. i have started doing anki because of your videos and i am spending all day doing only anki. my question is am i doing the right thing? this is what i do. i have FA 2018 deck and doing biochem only and after that i am thinking of doing uworld biochem. so what do you think ?

  5. Could you please do a video telling us how you go about forming Anki cards for a lecture you are doing for the first time. DO you understand and learn lecture before making flashcards? as making Anki from densely packed slides can be daunting especially when you don't understand what material is relevant or you just don't understand the material fully the cards can be made wrong.

  6. The default schedule has me do 20 cards per day. What scheduling do you recommend? Sorry if this too basic a question, I don't quite understand how to set the scheduling. So I guess the question is "what numbers do you recommend for this?"

  7. Think reviewing sketchy micro+pharm and these pepper decks the summer before M1 is a good idea? Also, how do you pull the “relevant” cards from what sketchy videos you’ve used?

  8. how can one study the cards in order they were created? I dont seem to do find the way to do it

  9. I loved Sketchy + Pepper too! I haven’t used it since step 1 though, so I should probably get back on it 💪

  10. Am i using Anki correctly? First time downloading and using Anki and when i downloaded the Sketchy Micro & Pharm- all i saw were only 20 flashcards within each deck? isnt there suppose to be more cards? Not sure how to use Anki…

  11. Hi Prerak, How do u study from Osmosis?, Im taking notes from memory using their images to ilustrate some points but Id like to know ur method, I just won 2 years for sending a video for the Osmosis 1 Million subs video. Bad news: my main language is spanish :/ Greetings from Peru 😀

  12. Starting medical school this far!! SO helpful to watch these videos in preparation for the grinddddd

  13. thanks for sharing. I also really like cards that have more information on the topic so I can re-learn it if necessary, but I have been using lolnotacop for sketchy micro Zanki Pharm for months (I wish I had started with this Pepper deck though). Do you have any suggestions?

  14. Heyy, Do you have any info or video on how to change the background colors of some of your anki card?

  15. Thanks for the great info! So what is the best way to go through these decks? Doing sketch micro from start to finish first and then sketchy pharm from start to finish after you finish sketchy micro? Or do a little bit of both at the same time?

  16. hey prerak, i had a quick question. when you're making flashcards for a specific powerpoint in a class, do you make flashcards for EVERY single point that's on that powerpoint even if you can find it mentioned in zanki or do you only make a flashcard for things that aren't mentioned in zanki but still feel is high yield enough to be tested? I feel like making flashcards for every single point in your powerpoint can get repetitive, but also feel the added redundancy may help you to remember it. I'd appreciate it if you could advise.


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