A Server Error Occurred Please Contact the Administrator YouTube Error Message


A Server Error Occurred Please Contact the Administrator YouTube Error Message

an error occurred during download. please try again, a server error occurred please contact the administrator error message on YouTube, how to fix, fixing YouTube error messages, Error (Quotation Subject), How-to (Media Genre)

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  1. The same error occured in my website what should can i do now? I cleared cache cookis histroy everything but didnt works for me 🙁

  2. thanks so much now my new youtube channel (The One That Im On Right Now) is working… thanks a lot!!!

  3. I just created a new channel and received the same message. But I don't think it has to do with cookies, but with the associated G+ account.
    I went to Google+ and then to the new channel and change a setting or two and then the error was corrected.

  4. That didn't work for me, but as soon as I disabled a couple plugins it worked fine. Maybe it was just weird timing but that's something to try too.

  5. Did not work for me, but going to give it a few hours and see if it updates. Google Plus does not even register I added a "page" to my account for my new channel…

  6. Have you been creating new #YouTube channels and as soon as you do, #YouTube chucks and "A server error occurred. Please contact your administrator" error message? I have been getting these almost always as soon as I create a new channel.

    I created this video and I would love to hear your experiences if you too are getting this error message from YouTube


  7. 1 = Log out from your Google account
    2 = Clear Your Browser History (Including Cached Data)
    3 = Close Your Browser
    4 = Wait few minutes so that YouTube Servers Update your new information (Because I think that it takes bit of time for YouTube Servers (around the globe) to update your information for your new YouTube channel)

    All constructive comments are welcomed

  8. Hah, thanks so much dude! I really wanted the YouTube channel name that I made and being able to access it after getting this glitch makes me feel so relieved. You have no idea how much it means to me. 🙂

    And would you look at that, the video was posted on the exact day I had this issue. It must be really recent. 


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