Add your videos inside a comics page, FREE template download (Premiere Pro tutorial)


Add your videos inside a comics page, FREE template download (Premiere Pro tutorial)

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  1. Where can I download the comics preset effect so that I can install in my Premiere Pro CC 2020 pls.?

  2. Thank you very much, but can I attribute the work to you because we are in Iraq, I think we do not have a payment method like Paypal or any other, so I can only thank you in this way

  3. Hello, i have some troubles making have you done and is tht when i upload the vthree videos at the same time, one of the does not be visualized, i dont know whhy it dissapear… i have to blind the video one and the video two in order to can watch the third one. Can you help me with this…. Thanks!

  4. I wanna know who are those 16 people, who click thumbs-down 🥺🤢.
    Excellent video. Thank you very much.

  5. hello i want to know how the white frame become empty and now you can add the videos there. thank you

  6. I downloaded the project but there is no comics preset on the project file. Is that not included? Another thing is, when I add a new sequence to and add the old sequence to it all the work transfers over. Not just a single timeline item. All the videos chopped up.

  7. Thanks Orange83. Step by step. lots of steps (complex process). But clear, concise and quick. And a great effect. I don't use or have Premiere Pro (but maybe I should; maybe down the road). I may (attempt to) adapt this to one of several programs I do have.


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