Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for Beginners | Getting Started Tutorial | Episode 1


Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for Beginners | Getting Started Tutorial | Episode 1

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  1. First time using Adobe Illustrator… The way you do the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow… Thank you very much!!!

  2. Adobe whole software package along with Illustrator and Photoshop is sold for 600$ , im selling it for 200$ and its totally legal reply me with your email if you want it.

  3. Hey probably an easy question but I cannot figure this out. When I am in the Essentials View I don't get the Font configuration bar on the top of the screen. I have it however when I switch to Essentials classic but with different properties. Anyone any idea? cheers!

  4. Hey you need for Adobe lllustrator a Mac or something ? I work with a Windows … is this a problem ?

  5. i can't see the align symbols and if i open the windowed version it does'nt work on anything. What am i doing wrong? Thanks for every helpful answer 🙂

  6. Everyone not on a mac for all the shortcuts its ctrl for his operating system its command

  7. I'd be grateful if you'd say "Command or Control" "Option or ___" Not everybody has a MAC, but your instructions are MAC specific. Please just add the words for us Windows devotees!

  8. I'm sure it's great, but having got to 5 mins in and you had said 'you guys' 43 times already, I started to not hear any other words except 'you guys'….'you guys'….

  9. I am computer illiterate but I 'GOT' this. Most videos go way to fast and your pausing every second. I have found others frustrating.

  10. Thank you for creating this tutorial series! I just finished Episode 1. Looking forward for the rest.

  11. Hi, can you help in doing the setting the toolbars please do the video, am new in these field

  12. Hey uh sorry to be confused here but could you please give windows users shortcuts aswell because windows does not have a damn option key.

  13. hitting pause and rewind a lot. talking and moving way too fast for a beginners tutorial. mannnnn WTFFFFFFF if your audience is a beginner!!!!!

  14. man good video but man slow down! talking and moving way too fast, you have to realize you're making a beginner video and not a seasoned user…. keep in mind in future videos.

  15. Anyone need help! is that when I put the last shape that would fit the design just like him..I cant bring the front design back! im using windows.I cant get the command shift in my keyboard

  16. You repeat "you, guys" every 3-4 seconds, I would like to watch your clip, but it destroys my attention.

  17. Please help me, like at 7:28 i don't have the tabs up there where you can change text etc whenever you select a new tool, i have the file object etc buttons up then the project down, i can't see the editing buttons, how do i turn them on


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