Friday, 23 Oct 2020

Age of Empires 3 | The Napoleonic Era | "In Action: Italians"

Age of Empires 3 | The Napoleonic Era | “In Action: Italians”

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  1. Can I ask some questions about NE? I'd like to download it, but first I want to say something:
    1) After the installation of NE, will I be able to play expansion civs like Sioux or Japanese?
    2) Will I be able to play AOE III maps, like Carolina, Texas, etc. and expansions maps?
    3) Will I have access to the campaigns? Will I be able to play them?

    Sorry for the questions XD thanks if you'll answer me :3

  2. how come when i rech the 4th age with the americans the town centre changes and comes like the spanish, houses chgange and comes like the british even barracks and market and docks change like the germans how can i stop this :(?if there is any1 who has a good heart and gives me any advice tht will be cool.thx

  3. BigB00n i have it but the american and austrian AI does'nt work correctly, and the royal crossbowman for italy doesnt works….
    What can i do?

  4. If only shadows and reflections showed up on mine: with the Mod and the XPacks I'd be in heaven.

    I just discovered the mod today.


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