Age of Empires III – Game play


Age of Empires III – Game play

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  1. When I go to singleplayer/skirmish, I have Deathmatch mode selected by default. Why can't I change it to Supremacy? Any help?

  2. and yeah, a better computr or laptop would be nice but the day we were gonna buy one with a dual core 2.3 ghz my girl got the one we have now for her birthday. so we'd look like jerks if we bought one right after gettig one as a present. bastards.

  3. im just a little curious, i hear that this game does not use dual cores….is this true? i just use a laptop hooked up to my 50" plasma and running at 720p. (or 1280x 720) my laptop meets all requirements but 1, my processor. i have an amd dual core at 1.2 only and the game requires 1.4. it actually runs great, all settings max except shadow quality at high instead of very high and anti-aliasing off. everything else max. good frame rate but if dual core can help how do i utilize it?

  4. @BIGGERMOFO but sometimes its funny 🙂

    i dont like rts right now.. i dont know why, i have those kindof game periods.. sometimes i only(mostly) play fps, then its like rts and so on 🙂

  5. @eddiedaskull Yeah. even if you almost have totaly totaly destroyed their town so they have 3 houses yet they stil say stuff like "you cant defeat me. im invincible" something like that :p

  6. Hey i play WoW and i bought a laptop online but it has 1.2GHz proc. does this make a game slower and can i upgreade if ever want a faster one?


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