Age of Empires III The Asian Dynasties Expansion


Age of Empires III The Asian Dynasties Expansion

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  1. Can someone help me? I have both expansions, but i have a problem with them. As I play AOE3 the asian dynasties or warchiefs, I can't select Japan or China when I play Warchiefs, and when I play Asian Dynasties I can't select Aztecs… What do I do?

  2. Well dont know why they made India in the 19th century,because the Mughal Empire is declining repeatably. And to make it worse British took advantage of the internal fighting and snatched India. Should have been in 17th century they were the richest and on top of there game..

  3. Like my Asian History professor said, who is a Caucasian Japan specialist: "There are quite a lot of non-Asians who specializes in Japan and China, but there are few who study other Asian cultures." I'm sure India is up there too, it is India.

    Guess not enough interest in Korea; the Mongols would probably be next on the list to be in a game, simply due to their legendary war history.

  4. hay does anyone still play this game
    cause i got warchiefs and asian dynasty and i go on LAN internet and no one is there can someone help me

  5. if you use default controls, u hold option+arrow keys (you must have camera rotation checked in options though)

    o BTW: the game is cool, BUT ur camera made the vide not very good sry


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