Alan Walker – Alone


Alan Walker – Alone

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  1. Hey if you've heard Alone by Marshmello read my lyrics!
    Lyrics from Alone by Marshmello: I'M SOOOO ALONE, Nothing feels like home, I'M SOOO ALONE, trying to find my way back home to you! music plays

    Lyrics from Alone by Alan Walker: IIIIf this night is not forever! At least we are together! I KNOW IM NOT ALONE! I KNOW IM NOT ALONE! Anywhere whenever! Apart we're still together! I KNOW IM NOT ALONE! IIIII KNOW IM NOOOOT ALONE! Music plays read the capital lettered lyrics and reply what's different about the to!

  2. Why Alone is the best?
    Because of the unity.🙏
    Because of the music.🎶
    Because of the Alan Walker.♥️
    Because of Noonie Bao.🎤

  3. ╲╲╭━━━━╮╲╲


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