Amibroker – Enable free plugins (in Hindi)


Amibroker – Enable free plugins (in Hindi)

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  1. I have a licensed version of amibroker ultimate pack pro with key. Email me to duttaabhi582@@t the actual cost with tax to this software is Rs 44000 but I will give it to you for Rs 4500. No need to worry I will send you the file first and then you make the payment.

  2. The Upstox plugin is not working for AmiBroker tried everything but it does not show under tool tab nor in C drive Amibroker Plugin folder…thanks god I did not purchase the Interactive and market data plan.
    Fed up with daily hassles and careless attitude switching to Zerodha.

  3. ये upstox वाले वेबिनार भी गजब का लेते है ।। वो क्या बोलते है, उन्हें ही पता नही होता । सिर्फ timepas करते है

  4. All these Amibroker,spider iris or fox trader are age-old outdated softwares and in current mkt there is absolutely no need of these softwares as they charge for software plus they also charge for mkt data which is ridiculous as today we have many mkt websites which gives live mkt charts with real time data with many good scanners that too for free. So Dear Upstox you really need to update yourself with quality products such as Tradingview kind of web based platform or similar your own Trading Terminal which gives an edge for traders rather than wasting your time & energy on these old softwares. Hope to see positive outcome from my feedback & suggestion. Thanks & All the best.


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