Amibroker Tutorial – Part I : Installation and Basics


Amibroker Tutorial – Part I : Installation and Basics

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  1. Sir can I get Amibroker Auto Robo with my strategy codes/programming (supertrend indicator 7/1, 3 minute time frame,candale sticks pattern) ? Automatically buy/sell,stoop loss,target trailing 1,2,3,4,5.Trade with NSE & MCX FNO segments? if yes please let me know what is the monthly/yearly subscription charges ? Thanks

  2. Experienced traders need very robust scanners and back testing framework to build and execute strategies, both are not possible in ODIN, NEST, NOW, KITE, PI, TradeTiger, TradeRacer, Pointer or 5PaisaTrader.

    These are simply order entry and basic charting platforms. You cannot build strategies. If we compare it with Falcon, IRIS, AmiBroker, MT4, Esignal or something similar, those who are into advanced trading strategies (aka Experienced Traders) ,need an alternative.

    FoxTrader is an alternate to advanced charting platforms like AmiBroker, Falcon, IRIS, Esignal or MT4.
    FoxTrader doesn't have power and flexibility of Programming Language like Amibroker or MT4. The advantage of FoxTrader is, it makes the whole process of building and automating strategies as a one touch trading, simple and cost effective for a retail trader.

    With FoxTrader, an average retail trader do not need to mess around with AFL programmer, separate data-feeds, terminal plugins, exchange approvals, costly trobleshooting etc. It really makes life a lot easier for retail traders.

    Follow below links to watch FoxTrader in action…..

    FoxTrader is available at UPSTOX with a one month's free subscription.

  3. how to show the last value of any indicator? when i place, some indicators have the last value on the right side, some chart do not show.


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