An Error Occurred. Please Try Again Later. Firefox and Ad Block Plus Plugin Conflict


An Error Occurred. Please Try Again Later. Firefox and Ad Block Plus Plugin Conflict

an error occurred during download. please try again, Firefox, Youtube, ABP, Ad Block Plus, Plugin in, extension, Add-on (Mozilla)

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  1. Everyone seems to have a different culprit causing . I tried a lot of them .  but this one is the closest one that worked. You made it look more difficult than it is.  I just went to firefox add ons and disabled all of them. rebooted and then added adblock plus back and it works fine now. Ive been without it on firefox for at least 2months now been watching you tube on IE but anyway thanks for your tip.

  2. This might be irrelevant but whenever I go on basically any website, a small window says "(website) has an error. Type error" or something like that. It's extremely annoying…help

  3. getting vexxed now, have tryed "several fix's" posted on Tube and none have worked. in the case of this one if i click add-ons, go into adblock plus and get filter preferences I don't get the displayed page and options shown – certainly no mention of youtube. probably been updated to make sure an easy fix like that won't work for me by the time i get round to finding it. all part of the global con thats been and is going down…

  4. I enabled REAL PLAYER BROWSER RECORD in EXTENSIONS and also disabled shockwave plugin as suggested – The 'ERROR HAS OCCURRED' message has now changed to 'THE VIDEO IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE' – I'm a FF user but then checked the same video in Internet Explorer and it played OK. Puzzled! Think I'll ditch FF as this is a pain the rear!

  5. Now days it is Real Player just un-installed it and everything is working now.
    The problem started after installing the last version some week ago.


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