Android Screen Capture Tutorial – No Root Required


Android Screen Capture Tutorial – No Root Required

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  1. Just to be sure, this program is just for screen shots and no recording!?, i was about to try the program but seeing how it looked in you video and the negative coments here are really changing my mind about this.

  2. I have the batch and Ashot open, Ashot automatically prompts me to open some sort of file… what did I do wrong?

  3. Ste slepí nebo blbý? Ten odkaz v tom videu je vidět jak hovno! Takže ste pitomí fakt!! A slepí!!

  4. As long as you have access to the device's developer options, you can do it. Mine was a stock Android device so I had access via the normal options.

  5. Plug a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable from the device's headphone socket into your PC's mic/audio in port. Then use an audio recording program to record any sound your device makes. Most operating systems will have an audio recorder program, but you could download Audacity for free.

  6. Omg I'm so tired of these. If you have a phone like I do that can't be rooted, then screen apps like this are a nightmare. They need one that DOESN'T require a PC….

  7. please help me when i open android screen capture it doesn't shares phone screen to pc
    there is window and open button please help


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