AoE2 Build Order | Fast Castle into Knights!


AoE2 Build Order | Fast Castle into Knights!

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  1. This is the first of many videos using this build order guide! Hope it helps you guys. The first few episodes the audio might a tad off, but otherwise should be extremely helpful! Leave me comments/ideas below!

  2. The thing about knights is if you make them and the opponent has pikes out and you have to run its so frustrating when they see you coming and immediately start producing pikes and then when you make counters to that then theres the other counters

  3. chopping wood next to the Town center is actually better than building a lumber camp so early….

  4. What's the reason for 5 guys per lumberyard . is it just more efficient so they dont run into eachother ?

  5. Where can we Find these marvelous build order scenarios/interactive build order guides to practice?!

  6. So I keep getting a F -Final does that mean I’m awesome or is there another grade. Ps I have knocked 6 minutes off my time since the first attempt. Still getting F.

  7. I'll summarise the build order for you:

    > 2:34 : 2 houses completed

    > 3:03 : 6 Villagers on Sheep

    > 4:01 : 4 on Wood Sent

    > 4:19 : Villager spawned goes to boar

    > 4:31 to 4:42 : Villager spawned goes to sheep -> sheep finishes -> 8 villagers to boar, 1 villager from boar builds a house.

    > 5:20 : 3 villagers spawned to berries , 1 villagers from under TC goes to get 2nd boar

    > 5:33 : 4th villager to berry

    > 5:57 : 2 more sent to boar, 2 farms created from boar villagers

    6 more villagers needed for lumber camp

    > 6:55 : 7 villagers on wood sent, boar expires, send 8 boar villagers to sheep.
    > 7:00 : 8th villager makes a house and then goes to wood.
    > 7:37 : 2 more to wood

    Last 3 villagers should go to gold. Mean while sheep about to end. So place farms as you get wood.

    > 8:15 3 go to gold ( 1st one builds the mining camp ), 2 more farms placed and last sheep remains.
    > 8:16 loom and click feudal.
    > 8:38 Sheep about to end, so sent 2 on berries, 2 on wood and preparing to send 3rd vill on wood. ( As we get wood, we place farms )
    > 8:50 8 farms placed, feudal on the way.

    Now place 1 barracks
    > 9:00 Placed a barrack at 60% feudal time
    > 9:53 Barack villager builds black smith, 2 from berries build market, creating 2 more villagers in the mean time
    > 10:22 Created 2 vills from last step , clicked to castle

    Now we need 6 on gold ( for constant 2 knight production ) and 2 more farms. Improvise and adapt from now 😀 The end…

  8. @9:48 it says send your next 2 villagers 2 gold and make a blacksmith but the text on the screen says send 2 vills to wood. Which one is correct?


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