Aoe2: How Good is the ResonanceBot 5-1c Custom AI?


Aoe2: How Good is the ResonanceBot 5-1c Custom AI?

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  1. Best AI i tried, this is bring back much fun for our lan party, the ability to compansate the skill gap between the players is great! Hope to see this in DE! <3

  2. Man I have no idea what's going on. I was 10 years old when I beat this game. Now, every kind of AI (including this one) is kicking my @ss, even on easy.
    Meanwhile I can beat the CPU of AOE3 on hard…

  3. I have loved this game from the day it arrived in the store. I thought my casual play vs. AI had hit the pinnacle. Then, this evil child was born. I have had countless nights where I cursed the moon over the losses to this spawn of Satan. My heartfelt thanks to you for all of the hard work and effort. This is a masterpiece and will keep things fresh for years to come.

  4. How do you create your own AI? Is it a composite of 'if' statements and many loops in codes, or it involves the now-popular neutral network? Very curious.

  5. I have a question .. so I cannot do a scout rush in the feudal rush against this AI to make the game more challenging? … I really don't wanna do the "cheese" … All this time I won using TRUSH until I saw the FAQ …

  6. good work, thank you!
    the results look really good!
    The booming looked good, and the unit composition: staggering!
    Just getting back into aoe2.. played it as a kid, was never good
    I haven't tried it yet, so maybe I shouldn't comment..
    In the second game the it looks like the bot didn't assemble it's produced soldiers into a group,
    instead just sent a continuous stream forward,
    I'm not a good player at all, so my interpretation might be wrong..
    Wouldn't it have had better aggression if his soldiers advanced in a group instead of being picked off one by one?
    I thought the original AI did that, not while defending but when it was the aggressor.

  7. hey bro i just wanted say your channel is awesome and i didn't realize you made the resonance bot! its pretty useful for daily practice, keep it up subscribed!

  8. hey resonance! my friends and i enjoy a lot playing against a team of your resonancebots! they're very competitive! your AI is the best one on the workshop! 🙂 Greets from Chile!

  9. i hope that they fix all that on the new aoe
    And i really hope that stuff like multiplayer lobby's and ranks became better
    A nice, exciting way to end the game besides resigning
    And make it free to play, do some buyable looks to make money^
    the game would have so much players

  10. I just rebooted my AE2 and watched your fast knight rush video which was made in 2013. Loved the video, so I jumped to your current channel and your voice sounds completely different than it did 5 years ago haha. Just funny is all. Great videos man, keep it up!

  11. i just search your video to play again this game w my friends after 10 years. great content mate. i also highly suggest you guys search for this kid "chimsedinang" he plays pretty well and insanely fast micro


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