AoE2 – Speed Design #1 – Mountain Village


AoE2 – Speed Design #1 – Mountain Village

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  1. I loved the stone near the mill haha and the cross dirt thing.. I was like “how are you gonna create something good out of that?? Okayyy I’ll just shut the f up” Really, really nice job my friend I was able to learn a thing or two. I could have learned a 100 but.. well I can’t help but wanting to play my own scenarios after creating for 4 hours. Doing everything the detail you do, would probably take me days if not weeks depending on the size of the map. Should they ever make a restart with the Age of Empires series and create AoE 4. You should do a great part of creating the maps!

  2. The detail in the space you made for the door of the tower killed me hahahah
    Beautiful village you have created buddy


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