APK Downloader – Download Android Apps From Google Play To Comp


APK Downloader – Download Android Apps From Google Play To Comp

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  1. bro please i need help im using s4 and more than MMO game i cannot download and This app is compatible with all of your devices i got this massage under download at play store and i can download it from my mobile and still get the massage the APK Downloader is working i downloaded Order& with it Please reply <3

  2. Great work, I have some suggestions:

    – If you could make the extension supports resuming downloads and / or supports Internet Download Manager (this is useful for downloading heavy games/apps )

    – And make this extension compatible with unofficial Stores such as Aptoide …

  3. When I click the apk downloader icon to download an app in play store it just says "downloading" but it never downloads anything, what could be the problem?

  4. What the fuck is the point of this ? Look @ what it says on their website
    ''Q: For some apps, I get the Error, cannot download this app error when trying to download it.
    A: You cannot download paid applications using this program. That is a restriction of Google Play, maybe it works if you purchase the program. The other possibilities is that your device is not compatible or that the app is not to be distributed in your country.''
    So what the fuck is the point ? Waste of time.

  5. I'm sorry, I translate with Google Translate.
    Your application APK Downloader 1.4.0 was just wonderful. Thank you very much for it. Worked perfectly! Even when the updated browser Google Chrome. There was a new update Google Chrome 28.0.1500.72 m and after him, and updated website Google Play Market. Now, unfortunately extension APK Downloader does not work. Is it possible for a new version of the extension for the updated Google Play? We hope and are looking forward to. THANK YOU!

  6. I know this is out of topic, but what's the name of the track you use in this video? LOL I kept repeating it even after I had downloaded APK Downloader…

    … and thanksalot for the guide~

  7. How many android apps do you need just past the link in browser and download by one click


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