"Archange" – Ace Combat 7


“Archange” – Ace Combat 7

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  1. I take the F-35C with 8AGBs to make quick work of the ground targets. Having only normal missiles and machine cannons for this dogfight makes it truly epic. If you use special weapons, you ain't fighting him right.

  2. This fight was the best and the most epic dogfight in entire ac game, in tied with demon lord vs solo wing. A beast felled down the king, his kingdom lost due to his ego, strike down by three strikes that starts the new generation.

  3. IM ligit crying remembering wiseman i cant explan the fear this song gives me its primal like prey knowing its hunted and knowing it WILL die Mihaly the predator the hunter your nothing but prey an instinct tells you to run but the fear the dred it can change your mind


    the first time i Fought Mihaly i was on max difficulty

  4. Mihaly being very badass with "There are pilots like you in every generation…" blah blah blah and I be coming with my laser SU-57 like "Bring it the fuck on old man."

  5. So I played the Lost Kingdom with surround sound on at near max volume and I'll tell you right now, Mihaly first shot with the EML scared the shit out of me, that shit was so loud.

  6. Imagine being a Legendary Ace Pilot who has countless kills and his name strikes fear into the enemy and get shot down by a f22 spamming qaams

  7. Due to the drone test and research Mihaly did, it damaged his body mentally and physically, say he was at peak condition and 50 years younger how would that fight played out? Would Three Strikes even stand a chance?

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  9. I've realized a pattern, the first encounter with mister x the music wasn't as intense, second encounter at farbanti music was more intense than before. But the final encounter the music is very intense

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