Ark Breeding || How To – Smart Breeding App || TimmyCarbine


Ark Breeding || How To – Smart Breeding App || TimmyCarbine

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  1. With that think I guess you should just lock oxygen to zero I don't think you were pumping him with that stat

  2. I downloaded the latest version, I get a lot of red boxes but I can't see the different values, it says it could be fixed after server restart but it doesn't

  3. What do the rest of the tabs mean on the library and how do i edit them i accidently clicked something and half them dissappeared and i cant get them back i hate programs that dont explain shit

  4. Bro how do you set it up in the first place why cant you just start the video by showing how to set the app up not just talking in circles for ever

  5. I'm going to stick to using dododex stat #s. Seems extra work to get higher stats. Whether it's 54 or 64 pts if it's high it's high lol

  6. My question is, how do you open the program in-game? Every time I try the game gets minimised.

  7. JUst to make sure or no… Does the breeding app give u the levels put in to each stat for tamed dinos? or at least give a relative strength? similar to what doddex does for wild dinos?

  8. 🙁 only works for 2 resolutions it seems. I'm running 4k, so the OCR doesn't work. means I have to manually enter all teh shit, which kinda gets tedious…

  9. on my server we have an insane multiplier whenever we level up a stat on a dino. Ex. we have an arge with 12k hp and 22k dmg. Is there any way to set that in that program?

  10. Hello great guide just wondering what the next tab to the right of top stats in the library tab is

  11. Does this still work? Im using version 0.23.11, Got my servers settings and everything setup, open a creatures inventory, and click read values from ark window, and nothing happens..

  12. I can't get it to work. The program just like blinks to a black screen, I hear the game, and then nothing. Doesn't go into my game or anything like that. Just goes back to the program. Help!

  13. Does this app take into effect any imprinting bonuses? I didn't hear you say anything about it.

  14. I have version 0.23.2, and none of this is working for me. It won't read the dino stats and when I put stats in, it does nothing. Is it possible you could point me to where there's a newer tutorial online? This is the latest one I've found so far. (Note: this is after the interface update, so not sure if that has something to do with it).

  15. I had to fast forward to 7:28 did everything you mentioned up to 11:24 and nothing showed up. latest update for the software is So this app does not work for me. Anyone know any other breeding apps out there that ACTUALLY WORKS

  16. My App doesn´t take the stats directly from the game!! U know a reason and how to fix it?

  17. Timmy this app doesnt work, iam trying all what i can xd Windowed fullscreen, administration rights on app and still doesnt work xd Any ideas?

  18. I have found you need to run in fullscreen windowed mode and the app has to be on the same screen as ARK for it to read the values. Messed around with the settings for about 30 min tonight to get it working.


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