ARK VALGUERO IS NOW LIVE! Download The Free Map On PS4 And Xbox


ARK VALGUERO IS NOW LIVE! Download The Free Map On PS4 And Xbox

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  1. I checked my playstation hoping to play this fantastic game and it isn't on the playstation store this really upset me do you why this is if you do pls say

  2. Never showed, explained, or directed us how to or where to go to download not subbin im disliking doubt you will respon wont be checking thats forsure

  3. Hey Jade is there anyway you can spotlight an issue for xbox users with our dedicated servers not saving? Same thing happened to us when aberration released on consoles

  4. Do you think wildcard will add the rockdrakes in the future to console or can my servers owner add them?

  5. No point… in the radiation zone if there arnt rock drakes… what a stupid idea to take them out.

  6. Why is it soooo hard to get into server I got in one played for like 30 min then crashed and tryed to joinback when there was like 145/70 people on like WTF

  7. Can I get some help? I play on single player on the ps4 and was wondering how I can make griffins spawn naturally in the new map?

  8. ice wyverns are invisible and their eggs are drop boxes on xbox. nice one wildcard, so lame.

  9. It kinda looks like a mixture of all maps.
    Underground part= aberration
    Jungle= the centre
    Red woods= (looks like the one from rangrock

  10. Waited about a half an hour for it to download only for there to be weird gray things sticking out of the ground and zero deinonychus. There is no saddle and I can’t even spawn them in.

  11. For some reason on my valguero map single player aberration animals don’t spawn! I have reset and reset WTH


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