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  1. Titel says "playable" > First map: This one I would say is not ready for people to play on xDD

  2. I just want a Isla Nublar and Sorna islands both at their actual size and on the same map

  3. How the fuck has Volcano or The Crystal Isles not been brought to console and other platforms as official maps ffs Wildcard need to give there heads a wobble 1 of these 2 would of been much better than Valguero bullshit ffs

  4. the volcano sucks i played it 2018 it has a ton of duplicated stuff the volcano zone is completly overfilled with dinos its completly impossible to put a step there because of the stupid high amount of enemy dinos

  5. I used to run a server and was dabbling with the map creator. I always wanted to make a map based on Neverland with Skull Rock being a cave with a waterfall inside that drops you down into a wonderland inspired cave full of dragons but I'm terrible at making things. So i ditched the server and now i just play local.
    They even have a mermaid mod which I could use for mermaid lagoon and have a vast ocean (or separate servers) in between another land based off of frozen and another land based off Agrabah. I'm a disney nerd.

  6. i played the volcano map for about 6 months. it is without doubt the best ark map created so far

  7. The only problem I personally have with mod maps, is the dino spawning. Some maps are completely over saturated with dinos and you're constantly bumping into hoards of all kinds of dinos. Then some mods have absolutely no dinos wherever you go. I've yet to find a mod map with the perfect amount of wild dino spawns.

  8. At the vulcano map u got 2 awesome water caves that u can build i. On eatch side of the Sheep/Wolf Isle

  9. The Island
    Scorched Earth
    The Center

    Next: ISO Crystal Isles. Its almost confirmed. This will be the best map. Its a combination of all maps ( including SE and ABE) plus more creatures and its own biome.

  10. Dam I got Ark on Xbox One and I really hope they make the ISO Crystal Isles a thing on there because that looks AMAZING

  11. These look amazing, how do i install them? just click on a server with the map mod and itll auto DL?

  12. I would love to see both The Volcano and Crystal Isles become official! And looking at some of the areas on Crystal Isles, I can see some slight potential for Aberration support! Probably unlikely to happen, but the verticality of the map in some areas gives me hope!
    I was honestly hoping for Ragnarok to get an Aberration Upgrade, but not so sure the game can handle a large cave added under the map.

    Anyways, I love how Wildcard actually listens to the community, and even officially supports mods! Especially to even provide them to console players! Wildcard is quickly becoming one of my favorite video game companies!


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