Monday, 26 Oct 2020


  1. i followed your step but when i open the assasins creed, it says "Run-time error '75': Path/File access error" help pleasee

  2. when i want to replace the hosts file in the offline server in to the original hosts, it cant be replace. does it effect the game?

  3. I bought a pirated version of this game and it had a crack but whenever I copied the crack and launched it, it led me to ubisoft server and it failed to download the updates. But when I followed your instructions, it works so perfectly. Thnx a lot, brother.

  4. @leswowgammer

    Hey Watch this video…
    I think you have to update the game first before putting the crack

    Write this in the searchbar of youtube: " Assassin Creed 2 How to Crack The Game SKIDROW MU link for download "

    & Watch that video

  5. @leswowgammer
    Dude I have left PC gaming & now shifted myself to Xbox 360 because of all these troubles 🙁
    I must have shown you how to do the new crack but now I don't have a gaming PC

  6. @lotsoffunification1
    Go to gamescopyworld(dot)com
    & download the crack & paste it (where it tells you to put in the info text document) & you are done no need for this procedure

  7. @123runescape12349
    now the skidrow crack is available you just have to put in game folder just like normal cracks
    & the work is done
    don't need this messy work now…..
    go to gamecopyworld.c o m


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