Assassins Creed 2 Tutorial How to Play with server emulator Patch


Assassins Creed 2 Tutorial How to Play with server emulator Patch

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  1. hey dude, i know ur vid is like 2 yrs ago but can i ask? I want to play ACII again, i've installed it and played it smoothly before but now i install again and copy the crack file into ubisoft game launcher folder and it still says: unable to find ubisoft game launcher error code 2 🙁

  2. did exactly as you said and still when I Start Ac2 it opens up then till me it cannot connect to the server or something like that!

  3. As usual, i have done everything to the g**-d*** T, followed all tutorials, used 12 different cracks and a few different emulators, with each new try i have re-installed the game and i always get the same s***….. "This cd-key is incorrect" or " This cd-key has already been used"

  4. I cant start the game..i get this message:
    "An internet connection is required to play this game.Failed to connect to Ubisoft master service.Please verify that your internet connection is functional and try again."
    And my internet connection is working as always..Any solutions?

  5. link #1 worked for me on the training part whew just follow the instructions CAREFULLY i trust what they put in that site been downloading torrents there for years thanks for the guidance brotherscro you have my gratitude

  6. @brotherscro

    yo when I try to start the game the CMD window reports: error: [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

    and I cant just make a user up it always says wrong username/password!

  7. @gangmike1084 I download this file from some guy i just edited it it also said virus on internet but emulator works and i this that says it virus it's not threat at all some virus scanners detect this cand of program as virus im playing with this about 2 weeks right now and i had no virus problems

  8. xD your desktop xD just for this 5*
    … when i do this what you say i can play assassinbs creed 2 without the internet or withput buying the game an its safe ?

    also wenn ich das mache kann ich das spiel auch spielen wenn ich nicht das original hab … ?

  9. @brotherscro no, I mean it freezes at the command prompt (listener for port 13005 active), it does nothing after that. I tried to run assassinscreediigame.exe manually after that (with the command prompt window opened and freezed), it continued a few lines but then it acted like I didn't have an internet connection (a window poped up that said "an internet connection is required", etc). Same window pops up when I try to run assassinscreediigame.exe manually without the emulator.


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