AssAssin's Creed 3 Battle Hardened DLC Installation EXE File


AssAssin's Creed 3 Battle Hardened DLC Installation EXE File

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  1. Thank u man very much, i was search for this DLC Hardened cause i have season pass and Ubisoft didn't send the link download, but i find it finely in your Chanel thanks a lot man 🙂

  2. Really awesome. I had to reinstall my Windows, and could not longer download the installer via the link (30 days expired). This worked great. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. oh MAN , U just save my life ! xD because I bought the season pass and put the code in my game but Ubisoft didn't send the links to dowload my dlc u.u and you my brother I already help me ! thanks a lot !

  4. thank you so much, Ubisoft refuses to provide me with a download link, I can't believe I solved my problem on youtube. It's amazing how the whole problem they have with piracy is that it's too easy nowadays to copy files from one place to another, yet they will not copy files from their servers to a legitimate customers computer. I am NEVER buying a Ubisoft title again.

  5. Same Thing here, Bogumil Kitkowski! Got the Seaosn Pass activated an nothing ever happened, Ubisoft-Support sucks, as usual. -.- Thank's to Vginside, finally it all works! Hope for the last DLC's coming this way! Thank you very much!

  6. Thanks mate. Now finallyl I can enjoy the content I have bought legitimately in the Season Pass… Thanks for help and lending me assistance Ubi support failed at so miserably…

  7. Perhaps you can see it and download it, but it tells me to go screw myself.
    "The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of broken or encrypted archives and the limit for this file has been reached. This file may only be distributed from a premium account."

  8. Look, boss. I think it's great you're trying t help everyone out by providing these files so we can update our game (because ubisoft is dropping the ball), but you're completely ignoring what I'm saying. I'm not computer illiterate, quite the opposite, actually. I know why you split the zip, and I know how to get the file back in one piece. THAT ISN'T THE ISSUE! I can ignore the forth icon, sure. I can click the download button, yes. What do I see now? "Archive Download Blocked." That's a no-go.

  9. I know. I already downloaded the .z01 file successfully. There are the three standard icons (with download in the middle), but when you scroll over that file, a forth icon appears that says "Sharing of this file is restricted because it is a (corrupt | multi-volume | encrypted/password protected) file. This restriction does not apply to downloading the file from your own account." Unless this is telling me I need to setup my own acount, something is wrong with this file.

  10. Thanks in advance, then! You're The Assassin! You have created your own mission – a real and useful one – and should get some sort of an achievement as well! And why Ubisoft wants so bad the role of Abstergo in this matter is beyond my imagination, but hey… Thanks a lot for the help!! (and they really do, since you are redirected to theirs "Abstergo Store" when you are trying to redeem your DLC) ;P Have a nice day, Mister!


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