Assassin's Creed 3 Connor Drawing – Fan Art Time Lapse


Assassin's Creed 3 Connor Drawing – Fan Art Time Lapse

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  1. So it is possible to use mechanical pencil for shading too ? Is it harder to shade than with a normal pencil?

  2. Whoa your Drawings just… AMAZING! I like drawing, but the problem is that i have a lot of problems with it, because i'm 13 and some of my drawings are very good if you ask me but some of them not really D:
    I wish that someday i draw like you (sorry for my bad english, is because i'm from Argentina :P)

  3. Your fantastic a drawing you've got a real talent in it so hope your future means the entire world get to see how great your drawings really are.

  4. I have loved all the videos I have seen. You are a special guy with great talent. I wanted to sugest a drawing of minecraft. Let me know what you think

  5. Oooo, that's something I usually have trouble with too haha. I tend to start on the side of the head, but.. I don't know why lol. Starting a drawing is always difficult, but once you get the basic lines in, and get the proportions correct, you're set. 🙂

  6. Hey, Your drawings are the best i've ever seen… you're incredible, and i'd like to request,
    Can you draw Dragonborn from Skyrim fighting alduin? That'd be incredible!

  7. Wow! Man this skill is just awesome! Some guys cant even do this at the computer or whatever. But you just draw that sh*t on your own gj!

  8. Hey man you should try and draw a picture of the old dvd Hercules try and draw him out of that would be pretty funny/good drawing mate

  9. Could u play draw a Battlefield 3 US Soilder with an M4A1 ? 😀 I would love to see that

  10. love your works! And hope some one in the gaming industry will see you after athene made a video abute your channel.
    TTTT =)


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