Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Update GREATLY IMPROVES GRAPHICS (AC 3 remastered – AC3 remastered)


Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Update GREATLY IMPROVES GRAPHICS (AC 3 remastered – AC3 remastered)

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  1. The fact that the improvements after patch 1.03 remain inconsistent, ranging from excellent 2:332:39 to moderately improved 0:40 to barely or maybe even worse 2:24 proves that it really has to do with lighting placement and their questionable choice to altogether retexture the character models in cut scenes. Thankfully, gameplay is a completely different story and everything looks better during gameplay in the remaster.

  2. I refuse to believe that out of the hundreds of artists they have at ubisoft that at least ONE didn't see and immediately say ac3 remastered looked like shit before it was released.

  3. I would have rather them be lazy and just port over the PC version then try and to a bunch of extra stuff too bad they ain't gonna have an update where they do that

  4. I don’t understand why is my update isn’t 1.0.3 it’s still 1.0.0 I realized that the update was appeared but it doesn’t shown 1.0.3? Is there a way I can fix this problem?

  5. It's too bright is the picture, too bright … like I'm in a fog in the whole game, in the dark like you're a cat … when I set the light for this game on Samsung TVu, I can not play any other game because then those are black, nothing too see … I do not understand the goal of that light…

  6. Well, the first release felt like some kind of sick joke, and even after the update, it's still a really shitty remaster. The faces looked more detailed/alive in the original. I've seen hi-res patches for other games WAY better than this made by one or two modders in their spare time. Shouldn't Ubisoft be able to top modders, as they have access to all original resources and so on? No, just slap a filter on the textures and call it a day. The lighting is way improved, but that's about it. Fuck them.

  7. Still, the original looks better than the remaster.

    It is oike they screwed up the materials for each 3d model making the faces look lifeless.

  8. this whole remaster thing was still such a fucking waste imo
    maybe the ezio trilogy deserved to be remastered or even remade with some mechanics from the last few games but I honestly didn't touch ac3 after I first completed it…


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