Assassin's Creed 3 – The official Season Pass Trailer [UK]


Assassin's Creed 3 – The official Season Pass Trailer [UK]

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  1. Iv downloaded the season pass and i got the hidden secrets pack and the battle hardened pack for free in the store when does the tyranny of king Washington pack come out anyone?

  2. Got the game so I can finally see everything with my own eyes and 'spoiled' mind, but ubisoft should really just remove the comments section from some videos. Like you said there are a shitload of scums in youtube.

  3. I bought the freedom edition so i've got two of the single player things, i don't play multiplayer enough to want to buy 3 maps and 3 characters so i'm just going to buy the tyranny of king washington

  4. Call of duty is the same shit game every year with a different word on the title.
    You say that unified is conning money out of people, what about call of duty elite!

  5. At least i see that you are not an idiot, from your use of language.
    But I can't agree on what you are saing. Go play your CoD, stop enlighting people, they don't need it.

  6. Nope. Ac3 is way better then CoD, I even enjoyed more The walking dead then CoD Bo 2.
    CoD was way better when it was on the World War, now it sucks, and it doesnt have anything new.


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