"Assassin's Creed 3" walkthrough (100% sync), [DLC] The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal


“Assassin's Creed 3” walkthrough (100% sync), [DLC] The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal

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  1. also also, for the final mission, if youre having a hell of a time like i was keeping the crew alive, you can wolf cloak in the fight and stealth kill most of the guys in the second wave and then let lose the wolf pack on the survivors. as long as you finish the second wave with no one dying, all you Really have to do for the 3rd wave is kill the snipers and take out the rest on your own as everyone will be safe before they get there.

  2. lemme help out from the future on ps4 remastered! in aquila unchained at 54:33. if youre getting stuck because either theres guards EVERYWHERE or the bluecoat wont go where hes supposed to, simply equip your wolf power and IMMEDIATELY stealth knock him out. then go around the building where you start and heal, while the guards are gathering, wolf assassinate them and then carry his back 40 meters to franklins front door. whole thing should take 35 seconds

  3. playing the remaster at the moment and the mission around 55:00 is really glitchy. the guy randomly gets stuck between the two guards by the alleyway or starts walking round in circles. the guards seem more mobile as well. nearly managed it on the tenth attempt but got spotted by two guys just as i approached Franklins house with the guard. Why the hell didn't Connor just put on the uniform himself and then give it to Franklin?!

  4. I'm going through the games in order and haven't seen past III yet… This is the weirdest shit they've done up to this point… I like it!
    The gameplay looks like hell, though. It's like, "Let's take all the most annoying optional objectives from the main game, and make them twice as maddening!"

  5. When Connor yelled at his best friend, saying "I do not care!" I really believed he was such a dick at that moment, brushing off his friend like that, and lost respect for him. Then the next day I realized that what he Really meant was "I do not care!…You are my friend and I would never leave you behind." 
    To all those who think Connor is a bland character, I say Nay, sir. He can be quite funny because of his bluntness and the straight face he pulls off, like in 56:25. And time and time again, he loses friends, his mother, his father. How can u blame him for being such a serious character for suffering these tragedies both in the main game and the DLC. To watch him lose his mother again, so soon after when it seemed like she hadn't died, you can feel his heartbreak just like when he was a child and lost her the first time.
    He is a stoic character, and both the game and the DLC is full of heart wrenching emotions and tragic twists, but there are some heartwarming moments. This is a game full of loss and shows the perils and serious nature of not only being an Assassin, but war and tyranny.
    And plus, the gameplay of AC3 is arguably the best. It's not overly complicated, and Connor's unique story, heritage, weapons, and abilities of flight, invisibility, and wolf attacks are TOTALLY AWESOME

  6. Thx it was really helpful to see how you killed 5 enemies without being noticed… i tried to kill with the eagle assassination right away and was allways(!!) spotted 🙁


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