Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

Assassin's Creed | Complete Saga Anthem

Assassin's Creed | Complete Saga Anthem

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  1. We are all from different places. We are all of different race. We all have different sexualities. We are all of different gender.
    Some of us are Templars, others Assassins.

    But one thing is for sure. We all belong to a Creed. All different, but similar.
    For us assassins, nothing is true, everything is permitted.
    For you Templars, may the Father of Understanding guide us all.

    Whether it's the Brotherhood of Assassins or the Templar Order, NEVER compromise your creed.

  2. The creed always wanted somthing better for themselves, the people, and loved ones. The creed wanted justice from a unfit ruler, the tempalars. We look into there eyes and see a story of pain, sorrow, happiness, and death. But the creed keeps going and thats what gives them there honor and name the ASSASSINS

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
    The wisdom of our creed is revealed through these words
    We work in the dark and serve the light we are assassins"

    -the Brotherhood

  3. I swear I have learnt more history via assassins creed than any amount of teachers, books, youtube, guides, videos etc could have taught me in 10 lifetimes

  4. They are bounded together by the pain of losing someone close to them altier mother died giving birth his father murder he witnessed suicide at a young age betrayed by the creed but still continued to hold it together Exio his family hanged in front of the palazzo and he watched it then he spent nearly 30 years making those responsible pay for the pain he went through in the end he passed in peace Connor his mother burned to death when his village was over ran Edward he was wanted only riches even if he betrayed everyone around him but he soon started to realize that it was braking everyone who was close to him then his closest friend Kidd and then the assassins leader said she would want you to be and assassin in her memory then he joined helping to seal the wounds of pain that he inflicted and he did shay betrayed by the creed haythem manipulated into becoming a Templar and his father Edward kenway was killed Arno his father died kassandra and alexios were both flung of a cliff only to survive haven’t played origins nor syndicate


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