Assassin’s Creed Origins (Full Soundtrack) | Sarah Schachner


Assassin’s Creed Origins (Full Soundtrack) | Sarah Schachner

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  1. You know what sucks I lost my only ac origins copy and I dont know were it is but I fucking love the game

  2. Anyone who disagrees that among all thr ac games the ones that are the best in every way and stand out are ac2, brotherhood and origins is NOT AN AC FAN

  3. this game was incredible and certainly thanks to the first music which immediately catch you in ancient egypt. The music catch the mystycism which surround this period and this country. It's like an invitation to play, it really peacefully catch you into an other world. First time I heard it I was telling to myself… ok what's this!? I let the music just to hear where it will drive me. And finally I heard cello, certainly guitarre (with distorsion), chorus…, it sounds familiar and it links to the present. In the same time, the work on harmony is relaly detailed, looks (or maybe hears) like egyptian/oriental music. It's smart, smooth and in the same time really dynamic. with a good use of silence in the start, in order to present you each theme, and then they progressively all enter in the music, producing a wonderfull mix.

    It's probably one of the best music about egypt I heard.

    It's really an amazing job, and I almost never say it about a film or a video game OST. To Sarah Schachner, you are really one of the best composer in this world!

  4. Return of the Meday, I Walk on your water, A Divided Land, Ezio Family (Origins Version), 🥰

  5. After this game I became obsessed with Egypt history, and I really wonder and appreciate how close authors of this game made the environment and the universe to reality. They made a really good work, and soundtrack is just another way of depression relief. I love this game and thankful to Ubisoft for AC universe.

  6. Origins was my first AC game. So greatly done. Ubisoft really took it's time exploring egyptian life and history.

  7. In my opinion Bayek was the most likeable assassin, all around honorable, charming, and purposeful in his actions. This game gave us a nuanced view of Ancient Egypt that didn't feel stereotypical, especially with this unique music. Such a beautiful game that really shows how far the gaming industry has come.

  8. The main theme conveys Bayek well, as if the music itself is wailing in pain, yet running at a fast pace to a place not yet known, but driven by anger.

  9. Oh my god. She inverted the Ezio theme 4-tone melody, lowered the key, and made it the leitmotif. This woman is a goddamn genius.

  10. I don’t know why I cried when I heard 5:56 .. it was one of the most beautiful games and the best music
    مش عارف ليش دمعت عيوني لما سمعت 5:56 من اجمل الالعاب واجمل المعزوفات

  11. Whenever Ezio talks about the start of the Assassain's brotherhood in Revelations, I here the main theme of Origins.

  12. I'm kinda biased when it comes to loving this game because I love that period of Roman history

  13. 0:20

    That note always gives me chills man. I love this game. It may not be the truest form of AC, it still felt like an Assassins Creed game. Origins is simply one of the best in the franchise

  14. I am Greek and honestly, AC Origins was so much better for me. The gameplay, the character, the feeling… everything had such a unique Aura that I don't see in Odyssey.

  15. Ubisoft ALWAYS leaves the best games aside. For example POP Warrior Within and Origins too. Why no love for the best ones?

  16. Just got the game, it's frickin' amazing. Love to just wander around as Julius Caesar in Discovery mode, sliding off the great pyramid, doing some insane parkour.

  17. If you loved the score, you'll be happy to learn Miss Schachner also worked on the score of the new AC Valhalla !! I look forward to that with great enthusiasm !!

  18. Sarah is the only one that has been able to come close to Jesper Kyd. Now they are both working on Valhalla. Cant wait

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