Best 10 Scripts For 3Dsmax


Best 10 Scripts For 3Dsmax

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  1. Hello. I 'm looking for a script to convert files : .max to .fbx – Do you do that ? do you know that ? do you know who can do that ? Thank you

  2. Hello everyone, can anybody help me where to find a plugins where i can download a vray phusical camera for 3dsmax 2016 ?

  3. thanks for making urself the work to be quite interisting, i enjoyed it and left a like 🙂

  4. hi, can you help me to find a script of INFO that show the XYZ size objects in the viewport, (left up), interactively, similar likes the max measure tool. thank you!

  5. Hi. I can't find Pixamoon with that link that you provided, do you know where to find it?

  6. Thks for this 😉 One question : What is the best way to manage lot of script ? Toolbar is too smal.


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