Color Grade S-Log Footage WITHOUT LUTS!


Color Grade S-Log Footage WITHOUT LUTS!

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  1. What does he mean when he says "It was overexposed by 2 steps" – where on my camera can I find this setting?

  2. Hi there! So I filmed an indoor scene with the Sony a6400 in S-Log3. Then I added the clip to premiere pro and added your LUT (indoor) and my clip still looks awful. It looks pretty much like the S-Log3-footage, but a bit darker. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Thanks good video. I have been struggling some with getting into a real rhythm of editing video Clog for canon.

  4. Thanks to this video, we no longer fear color grading S-Log2 footage from PP7!!!
    We had successfully color-graded two videos, and enjoyed the process. No LUTs.

  5. thanks for this man! Just shot in slog3 for the first time the other day and grading it now, super helpful!

  6. I hit subscribe when you said the RGB parade caused you marital problems, just wanted you to know😂

  7. I'm not gonna lie, I was about to subscribe, then you ate on camera. It's a hard pass for me now lol. thanks for the info tho.

  8. When you shoot in S-Log 2 ( I have a Sony A7III), do you white balance as usual? Auto? whats the best way to expose? Do you use LUT assist (A7)?

  9. What if when you got a lot of scenes? Any other way can be used to fix slog to normal color faster ? Iv just started to learn color adjustment though


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