Computer Monitor Colour Calibration


Computer Monitor Colour Calibration

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  1. If this is the ColorEdge Eizo monitor, the calibration process should be made with the Eizo ColorNavigator software, alternatively some third party one (like basICColor), that is able to process a HARDWARE CALIBRATION to this monitor. What you have done with the x-rite software is modified the graphics card LUT (called by some a "software calibraton"), and made an ICC profile out of it in the end. This is not a proper way, because this method crops monitors gamut and amount of displayed colors. It might be somewhat useful with regular monitors, but one should always aim at lossless hardware calibration, if only a monitor allows it – and Eizo graphic monitors do.

    There is a little terminological problem here. So let's clarify. There is a calibration (sofware – in a computer's grahics card, and hardware – actual in a monitor itself) and there is an ICC profile of a device. Whether a software calibration would do any good, let's leave it, but an ICC profile is always a must to have. You calibrate and then you make a profile. The thing is, most of these aplications are called "profilers", which suggest they make a profile of the device. And this stands correct, except for those, which apart from the profile making, do the sofware adjustment/calibration not mentioning about it. Those programs should be called "tweaker+profiler". And those from Eizo and Nec for hardware calibration of their monitors – "hardware calibration software+profiler". Unfortunately, they're all named "profilers" which can be deceiving.

    If your Eizo monitor is EV series, you've generally done all that you could, although there is still a chance, that tweaking things within the monitor's OSD menu (if present) could do much better. But if this is an Eizo ColorEdge monitor, that has the ability to be hardware calibrated and what is its biggest advantage, by all means do THAT! Reset tha graphics card's LUT to defaults (there are free tools for that on the web), disable all the "gamma/color loaders" in the system, so that there is absolutely no color correction going out from the computer to the monitor. Then donwload and use ColorNavigator 6 from Eizo and do the hardware calibration+profiling with it. The only thing is to have a sensor that is supported by the ColorNavigator, although your is. And stay away frome those x-rite "profilers", that mess around with your graphics card to tweak monitor's colors. They don't do any good for monitors, that can be hardware calibrated.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hi Karl, great video. I just calibrated my external monitor and all files look great after exporting to jpg. But when uploaded on the web the colors are way off….. cand figure out what goes wrong. In the export menu I set it to srgb. Do I still forgot something? Hope to hear from you. Best Johnny

  3. Can you please tell me the name of the monitor along with the size of the screen, the pc configuration mac or pc . I am just starting graphic designing. I want to make sure I have the right pc, etc. Also which is your color laser printer. Thanks.

  4. I got a brand new Dell up2516d monitor for color correcting video, I do a lot of color grading. I'm confused as to which color profile to use on the monitor. there's profiles like Adobe RGB and sRGB. I'm also confused as to how you decided the gamma point in this video. is it just preference? And why does it need to be calibrated every week?

  5. How does that even work? Let's say the brightness is set wrong in the monitor, how can it be fixed just by software without changing the settings on the monitor itself?

  6. Thanks Karl, do you also adjust the brightness of your monitors? I have a Mac and have been advised to adjust the brightness as well calibrate the colour. I know how to adjust the brightness but have no idea what to adjust it to. Any tips appreciated. Regards Gray

  7. Hello!

    Could you please advise on which Colour Calibrator would be better to get?
    At the moment I am leaning towards Spyder 5 Elite.
    Have you worked with any of Data Color products?
    Is it better to get X-rite or Spyder?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Mr. Janis Ventaskrasts

  8. Hi, Karl. Could you explain how to set up the color profile for eizo monitor? I mean specific settings step by step in color navigator or generally what are the optimal parameters for black point, white, the amount of kalvin's. I am using my eizo for photoshop retouching. i would really appreciate your help. Thank you and all the best, Zoë.

  9. @Karl Taylor It's now 2 years down the line. What monitor do you use now? I see in all your recent videos that you're on the iMac. Is this because they've improved their spec?


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