CPR Indicator FREE AFL for Amibroker 2020 | CPR by KGS Indicator | CPR levels | CPR tricks


CPR Indicator FREE AFL for Amibroker 2020 | CPR by KGS Indicator | CPR levels | CPR tricks

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  1. Hlo sir,
    Found ur channel now And impressed by ur content and strategies.
    Would love to learn with you
    Thank you so much
    Regret: I found ur channel Soo late😐😐

  2. Great job Gomathi!!! Much Beyond appreciation & no words can explain the noble difference ! Kudos to you 👏👏. I have couple of queries:1- can you please suggest some good books for CPR. 2- how to download amibroker ?

  3. Sir, thank you for your work and for making educational videos. I have seen a lot of channels but the content of your videos is high quality and straight forward.

  4. Hey Mr. Gomathi,
    What is the course duration of technical chart reading, finding price action with trend line and CPR.

    Can you share the course details for the above.

  5. Sirji, request to pls clear my confusion.
    I am not able to get strike chart on Tradingview so CPR not available so in am useing two screens 1 for bankinfty CPR and other is strike price…m I doing rightly ..question ks what should I monitor Strick price chart or bank niftybank chart..

  6. Hi Gomathi Shankar!! Hats off to your prompt effort spending towards teaching beginners like us. Your intentions are great and ethical. God bless you!!

  7. Really appreciate your efforts.
    I have one doubt: Can't we use the banknifty chart in trading view and use the same for banknifty futures?
    For example: Won't the PDL/S1 be broken in banknifty future when we see PDL/S1 broken in trading view for banknifty?

  8. start up tune is too vibrant but not more than your voice because you speak the truth.. how easily you have given the credit to the person who deserve that..

  9. Thank u KGS for sharing my AFL among PAT community… I shall post next version of this AFL, which has some more advancement like, dectection of next SUPPORT or RESISTANCE, Pls share the same….. u

    I'm trying to add feature like VIRGIN CPR detection, GAP UP/DOWN open, and many things

    FYI, My Mobile no: 9884255767, No commericial absolutely sharing knowledge. Expect all suggesstions to enhance CPR AFL

    Note: Shared AFL has few bugs…. all bugs fixed in fore comming AFL…. Happy trading

  10. Thanks a lot for giving CPR AFL to use in Amibroker chart since I am using the same.Those who don't know to add in Amibroker chart follow this procedure. First download the AFL into your system and copy the same and then go to — My computer — C — Programme files — Amibroker — Formulas — custom — wherin you paste the AFL — Then go to Amibroker — Windows — Charts — Custom — refresh — i.e., Close the custom and then open The CPR will appear.

  11. Dear KGS, thanks a lot for sharing the AFL free to all. This calls for magnanimity and broad minded ness in today’s time. I use Zerodha. Hence it is definitely a limitation. But I have learnt from
    Your videos to use trading view to my advantage. Gained lot of confidence. Please continue your knowledge sharing.


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