Creating a Kitchen in 3ds Max with a Custom Script


Creating a Kitchen in 3ds Max with a Custom Script

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  1. Hii
    this is your so helpful tutorial
    I subscribed your yt channel
    I hope u will do same support my yt channel because I also make 3d tutorials

    Thank you

  2. After Watching your video I tried this but I am getting msg – (unable to convert : undefined to type: float ). I have no clue about script could you pls tell me what I have done wrong. Pls thanks in advace❤️

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing, translating and explaining how the script works! I really love it! I do have a problem downloading the translated version, tho. Is it still available?
    Again, really loved the video, thank you so so much!

  4. to create flat cover getting error maxscript rollout handler exception edge champer smoother type in edit poly how to solve this problem

  5. Hi Denis, just a little side note. In Europe the top cabinets standard depth is 30cm (but I am sure you knows that). Thank you your hard work to build community and shows tons of good things. I am still learning 3ds and you're one of the best "teacher" on Youtube.

  6. Hello Denis, I'm throwing this query around among the Max / V-Ray video tutes here on youtube, so I hope I've not been a pain. I'm unsure what else to do as I have only 2-3 weeks to finish what I'm working on. The Chaos tutorials do not seem to cover these topics, and I am having a really hard time finding youtube tutes on them.

    Background… I'm trying to create my first project using Max and V-Ray. (I was a Maya generalist from about 2002, but in late 2016 my employment options hit a wall. I noticed the Max / V-Ray combo out there a lot in the job ads, and so decided it was time to add these two to my repertoire.)

    For a practice project, I picked an architectural (city skyscraper) rendering. I now have the building modeled and textured to a point where I feel it's ready to place against a photograph.

    1) There does not appear to be a way to place an image into a camera image plane in Max, or at least into a V-Ray camera. Believe me, I've looked. Maya does this easily. I need this to position and light my building, plus to position shadow geo,… which leads me to my next question.

    2) Is there a way to create a shader that will only render shadows cast on or by other objects? The old background material in Maya did this well. Is there a V-Ray equivalent?

    Going back to the image plane problem, I put in a polygonal plane, textured it with my background photo, and aligned it perfectly to the camera. Problems include a) the plane being blown out by the scene's lights and there being no way I know of to turn on some sort of light linking, and b) I cannot figure out how to child the plane to the camera as a parent so that the image doesn't get disturbed when I need to tweak my camera.

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks. If there's a better place to ask something like this, please let me know.

  7. Hello Denis. Your tutorial is very helpful. can you make a tutorial on how to export the 3ds max file to the after effect without giving color again. and I have tried it always gray. whereas I have given material


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