DISINTEGRATION VFX – Adobe After Effects Tutorial


DISINTEGRATION VFX – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

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  1. Hello Tobias, i have a question, the tutorial can be apply if we have two personn on one video, or we need absolutely to do two different video ???

    (Sorry for the mistake i'm french)

    I love your work 🔥🔥🙏

  2. this is awesome! can you do a tutorial on how to magically morph into a different person please. I couldn't really find any tutorial on how to anywhere.

  3. Can you do an after effects tutorial on how to a smear when punching? Like in anime when their fists are moving so fast its like a smear and distorted

  4. Love watching your videos. Learn so much. Hey can you do a video on how to do Shadows in AF. Like say I want to make someone small in a box but how would I put his shadow in the background ?

  5. how do you know things you do? I mean you would have to learn and understand so much b4 doing this. Precomposing and then using instad of difrectly, getting adjustment layer and using different layer to do the displacement. Just wow.

  6. Nice tutorial. I particularly like mirroring the pants to fill in the bottom, of the frame, stacking Chroma keys to clean up the Difference Key edge, splitting the Displacement into two instances (one for each axis) and how you used Extract to generate the fade out. Some clever steps I didn't anticipate.

    Last version of Ae I had was CS6. If memory serves didn't the older Fractal Noise plug in let one set A/B colors? This would remove the need for a tint effect on the noise layers. Looks like Turbulent Noise only generates black/white?

    The step where you change the Displacement channel to Luminance is unnecessary–with a gray image the red, green and blue channels all match 1:1 with the Luma. Now, if you'd gone with LIGHTNESS (a weighted luma curve), that would affect the effect, but that was technically a wasted step. An unimportant observation on my end.

    Finally, I don't think I'd realized Walter is a head shorter than you before! 😉


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