DNS Changer Program for Windows PC


DNS Changer Program for Windows PC

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  1. Important notes:

    1) Changing the DNS servers won't make your internet faster that was a false statement. Changing DNS adapts to the speed of domain name's translation so the difference you'll notice* is only on browsing websites (*most likely you won't).

    2) DNS servers don't offer anonymity they aren't VPN service. Your ISP continues to track your online activity.

    3) (and most important) Some ISPs tend to ignore and overcome your DNS settings and they keep redirecting the traffic through their servers so changing the DNS is not a good idea because it will double the required "distance" and you will end up having slower speed even than the default DNS.

    In this case, you need to use software like NameBench to check whether your new DNS servers are applied and if not, you either accept it and change it back to the defaults or you call your ISP and demand them to respect your rights to have your own DNS settings.

  2. love your work bro! i am following u since too long, since 2018.. I Want U Too Make More Videoes Like THis

  3. Literally 99% people will not see this but, god bless you and stay safe during these hard times p.s I’m so close to 600❤️🥳

  4. you should make vid abt ventoy which is a great alternative of rufus etcher and many other like and it just makes a multi bootable usb(all you need usb toolkit)


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