Don't Download Adobe Fresco.


Don't Download Adobe Fresco.

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  1. ***Correction! Fresco is free if you have the all apps plan OR the Photoshop single app plan. Not the photography plan!

  2. Lol I’ll never waste my money on adobe. Only thing I find them good for is after effects to make insta edits but even I pirated my way to get that free 💀 they’re ridiculous

  3. I thought it was Elizaeth Holmes frin Theranos talking!🤣(joking) great voice 💪🏼

  4. Adobe is often over rated for its price at least on iOS idk about on traditional digital tablets but a program that expensive that is on par with clip studio, they are charging way too much they aren’t as good as they market themselves if they can’t follow through

  5. Now Adobe Fresco is also on Windows 10/ Surface Pro. Originally started on iPad Pro as adobe's answer to Procreate.
    Both are great apps for graphic tablets. Fresco is the new kid on the block with pedigree of Photoshop. Its water color brushes really shines.
    Procreate was designed from ground up with iPad pro in mind. its a mature graphic app with huge following for all the good reasons.

  6. My company gave me access to All Apps of Adobe. Will it be included when I log in to my Creative Cloud account?

  7. uhhh, I really like fresco and when people say something bad about adobe fresco I feel pretty bad, but I love both fresco and procreate, but don't download asobe illustrator draw

  8. i just wish procreate had frescos watercolor brush and maybe some more filter options like in psd. that's it. it's the best program ever still but that would be life!

  9. Why not download it? Especially, if you already subscribe to the Adobe Creative suite, it doesn't cost any thing additional. Also, a lot of CS majors get the Creative suite for free from their respective schools. Crap tutorial since Procreate is your preferred app.

  10. I don’t have the crashing happen with my adobe fresco, but I agree with the rest of your points. The sad fact is that procreate water color brushes aren’t realistic, which is what I love about fresco.

  11. Honestly, I have fresco but not procreate, school provides all 1000+ students with the full adobe plan 😀 I actually hope I get procreate on my ipad, fresco is currently my go to on my laptop (touch screen)

  12. Looks really weak compared to Procreate, expecting more from the company that shaped this space!

  13. Adobe Fresco seems to be great for vectors, if you want the control of drawing with your hand yet being able to export to Illustrator and edit

  14. Hi friends, this is my last feedback to Adobe team, so just farword if you agree with that… 

    Hello team.  

    I think the disappearance of Adobe Sketch would be a great loss for us real artists. I do not disapprove the incoming of the new Fresco version but I think you are deviating from the subject, let say from de real target…
    Why tell me … Well it's very simple to understand, with sketch, for once we finally had an easy to use application where we could instinctively give free rein to our imagination without having to spend our time to rummage through multiple dialogs boxes. 
    The worst part is that, we do not find the same brush names at all, in sketch the brush icons were so easy to access and much more representative. 
    With Fresco everything becomes far too technical for some of us, it seems like we are suddenly jumping in Photoshop or Illustrator PC version and it is not at all the goal, its never what we expecting for. In any case it is not at all what we expect in matter of ease.  I firmly believe som of us artists do not in any way hope for the disappearance of Sketch, please dont, never mind if no longer maintained.  Anyway it was quite enough like that believe me, as the saying goes, the enemy of good is best.  Am still give thank to all of you for your great job.

    Best regard


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