Downloading and Installing MPEG Streamclip — Windows


Downloading and Installing MPEG Streamclip — Windows

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  1. Be careful when downloading this software because it comes with a virus, make sure before installing it to scan it with a good anti virus because I did the scan with the windows defender and with AVG free anti virus and they didn't detected it , when I tried to uninstall it there was no way to do that so, I had to use Revo uninstaller but the virus stayed in my pc until I instaalled MacAfee and it got rid of the virus.Same thing happened with other free software like atube catcher, and mp3 gain

  2. thanks for uploading this, but i think if people are in need of file converters that they know how to use a computer, all you have to do is show how to download it not where the file will go or tell people to use their mouse to drag things


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