Fire Phone – How to Install Google Play Store without root


Fire Phone – How to Install Google Play Store without root

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  1. Bhai mera phone Lyf flame 5 ha Google ke app nhi chalta help me my WhatsApp number 7002299554

  2. You were skipped one step in video. Its making me lot of confusion. How did ONE DRIVE suddenly exited in video.

  3. you skipped a step that is very confusinf my screen looks nothing like your after you download it. It does not say one drive anywhere

  4. It wont install google services framework no matter what i do, help me please, I have version

  5. Could have been good, but there were many steps missed. It didn't completely walk me through it. Dang!

  6. plz tell me my frame work stops when i open play store after installing all of em?? plz help me

  7. i also have amazon fire phone and i installed these all ov apps but it says that frame work stops and play store could not work bcuz of error retriving server [RG-01]

  8. can we get an updated video, please?Es File explorer is different, these links are different. Thanks.

  9. I followed everything but when I open the Play store at the end it won't load. What do I do?

  10. If you click the onedrive link for "Download Google Apps" you get a screen that says "the person sharing the files has exceeded their sharing limit". Is there another location you can get the 4 files?

  11. amazon fire is one of the best phones in this price range, it has no competitor but the only thing is they should have implemented the app store and those three traditional buttons

  12. Hi would you have something similar for Pandigital Multimedia Novel? I have this tablet gifted to me few years back but never used it because i can't get anything installed that i like. Thank you!!!

  13. Hey, dropping by to let you know amazing vid! If you don't mind check out my video as well. I don't want to leave a hyper-link and be disrespectful but it shows how to begin an eBay store buying and selling from online auctions!

  14. Ok, so I have a question, and someone please respond. I install it all, works fine, then i click to download an app. No problem so far, then i go to open the app, nothing works, i try to play clash of clans (isn't available in the amazon app store.) Any help would be appreciated!

  15. I downloaded as instructed, then signed in but I get this error message "Error retrieving information from server [RH-01]". Do you have a solution? Thanks

  16. Worked on my kindle fire HD 3rd Generation, after of moths looking for a solution, Thanks a million! 02/02/2016

  17. hi, my friend i just did what you show in the video on my OnePlus X(chinese version), everything goes well until " No Connection – RETRY" appears.. what can i do…please need help!!!


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