Free Alternatives For Paid Software


Free Alternatives For Paid Software

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  1. i use picasa for image viewer and openshot for video editing both are fast and stable in low end pc

  2. Thanks for your great information. Is there any good alternative software for Grammarly Premium version? Please reply.

  3. Dude you need to find an alternative for groupy application in which you can add tabs for using multiple windows in ms office.

  4. Clear edge is better thank Krisp…. BabbleLab have done a huge job creating a software that doesn't distort speech ever and consumes less than 5% of the CPU regardless if it is Intel or AMD. PESQ score is even better than KRISP's (1,13 against 0,74) and it is also free.. try it here (

  5. great information. Than you for the video. I will download a couple of them. I wish you the best of life.

  6. I went from Gimp to Photoshop, after using gimp for about 2 years. Photoshop is a massive upgrade. Cannot imagine going back.

  7. sorry but Brave = Chrome + Adblocker … the thing u said about sync all the browsers have them now so its kind of null void


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