Friday, 30 Oct 2020


  1. This is NOT the best way. YOu would be better off unregistering the dll using regvr32 command. Then try uninstalling and reinstalling yoru app. OR re-registering the affected dll again, using regsvr32.

  2. Do I have to use original installation media? Because I lost mines. It's been years, forgot where I put it. Can I just order another cd through eBay or Amazon? Thank you.

  3. For those who still hasn't fixed it yet, I had a solution for you:
    1. Log in as a guest. The error won't pop up anymore ( idk it worked for me )
    2. On the error message, you can see the file that cause the popup (ex. C:Windowssystem32aticfx32.dll (on the video), the "aticfx32.dll" file), go to your web browser and download a new one
    3. Put the .zip file (or something) into C:UsersGuest (because we can't put it on Desktop without permission)
    4. Log into an administrator account
    5. Replace the old file with a new one (be sure it's .dll file, not .zip or something else)
    6. enjoy
    If you still can't fix it, then *destroy the computer*.

  4. Bad Image error is the result of a corrupted dll file that windows uses, therefore you shouldn't edit values in Registry.
    Edit: I forgot to mention that Bad Image error isn't a virus. The malware or a virus can make files corrupted.


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