How to activate Acronis True Image 2014


How to activate Acronis True Image 2014

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  1. Each Acronis True Image license is a perpetual license. Meaning you pay for it once and you get to use it for as long as you live, or as long as you have a supporting operating system and computer. Unlike some other Acronis products, or other competing products, there are no recurring monthly or annual payments associated to it. But one major benefit of obtaining your activation ID is that you ensure yourself that you will be able to reinstall and reactivate the product even when it is no longer supported by Acronis. Even when or if Acronis goes out of business!

    Paid software products that are no longer supported tend to quickly become useless (no longer perpetual after all) if they can't establish a connection to the activation server of the company that made it. Companies launch new versions of the product, they make changes, they change infrastructure, servers, network addresses, licensing systems, etc. This breaks the connectivity with the older product releases that are no longer updated, and that are not made aware of the changes done to the activation system. The same goes for updates.

    I recently reinstalled Acronis Disk Director 11 after a clean install of Windows 8.1. The installation wizard for Disk Director 11 has an option to check for the latest updates (as does True Image 2014) before proceeding with installation, to ensure that the latest version is installed right away. I clicked on that button and it returned "SSL connection failed". So I ignored that and just installed whatever version was available in the installation package. It turned out that I already had the last build for version 11, so I didn't miss out on anything.

    I haven't done any reasearch into it, but my guess is that the update function is broken in version 11, due to a recent release of version 12. Disk Director is not the flagship product of Acronis, and version 11 had not been updated for years. This year they finally released a version 12, and in doing so they broke update compatibility of version 11. Who cares… version 11 is already obsolete, right? Wrong! When or if the user is using an older installer, he or she should be able to obtain the latest update of the software version he or she rightfully deserves. This is one of those things that distinguishes a good software company from a bad one.

  2. There are sever inconsistancies and contradictions in this video.

    0:50 This will also re-activate True Image in case you have re-installed the software or you have re-installed both the software and the operating system on the same computer.

    1:12 "If you experience any issues with automatic activation, follow the instructions from the third section of this video — manual activation from another machine. You do not need a second comptuer. Everything can be done on the same machine where Acronis True Image is installed." Right! You don't need a second computer? Maybe so, but you do need "another machine"… whatever that is. Maybe you can activate it from a gas turbine PLC? LOL! "Everything can be done on the same machine where Acronis True Image is installed." Right! But then you would need that "machine" to be connected to the Internet! In which case you can skip this whole process of manual activation completely, and use the automatic activation procedure.

    2:092:22 "If the computer where you install Acronis True Image 2014 does not have Internet connection, you can activate the program manually from another machine that is connected to the Internet." LOL! I thought you said that I "do not need a second comptuer"? Oh yeah, right… that's "machine" and not "comptuer". Sorry, I gorgot. LOL!

    Will you please think a little next time before you start recording?

    Actually, what you refer to as "manual" activation is in fact automatic activation. You can activate during installation, or after the fact. But doing post-install activation over the Internet is not really manual activation. It is only manual in the sense that you have to take additional steps in clicking on Help menu and then on Activate. Let's call it semi-automatic! "Activate from another computer" is the only option that's totally manual. This is what most software vendors refer to as manual software activation. It's when you obtain the decryption key from the activation server, which then allows you to completely manually activate the software, and completely disconnected from the Internet.

    The entire video is a big set of confusing and contradictory steps! It's almost like a maze game. I won't even go into the whole business of "using the clipboard" vs. using the license file method. That's just too much even for me. It's a bad, confusing video and you know it. While it may include a good amount of information, with a lot of screenshots, it's not user friendly, and these steps are almost impossible to follow. It's hard to follow through the video and not go insane, yet alone follow the steps given. It's like a computer program. "In case of this, do that… else, do this." But with very bad logic I might add!


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