How to activate ActiveX on Google Chrome For Windows 7/8/Xp/Vista


How to activate ActiveX on Google Chrome For Windows 7/8/Xp/Vista

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  1. I'd like to warn you that disabling security and installing unknown software might be malicious and cause serious problems. Be careful!

  2. Sorry, Mate. Hate to bugger you out, but that doesn't work. It was already set that way and nothing with ActiveX functions using either chrome for PC or for MAC. Need to use IETAB which is downloadable from the chrome web store. Cheers, Rich

  3. Its not working

    i am using

    var wsh = new ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell');

    in chrome .

  4. Yep Darrell Burgher: "this wont work on Linux or Mac". 
    That's why 95% of the world uses Windows – 'cos it just works.

  5. thankss for the video,sorry for out of topic question but what is the name of soundtrack ? 😀

  6. Hello, I've followed your procedure but the following:

    <object id="testActiveX" name="testActiveX" classid="CLSID:0D0D4BD0-4618-A3A3-8633-2C8D9FC42F4C" VIEWASTEXT codebase=""></object>

    does not load up the activeX, do you why how to load it??


  7. It may work on regular active x, but it does not work with my web app that use active x to print to brother label print (SDK from brother). Any advice?

  8. @Darrell Burgher ActiveX is a Windows technology. Hence, it's not available on other operating systems. You should find out, eventually, if there's any way to call a function from a native library. (like from SO modules in the case of Linux)

  9. This is only if you have "Virus XP/7/8" this wont work on Linux or Mac. Not everybody uses Window$


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