How to Add a One Click WordPress PDF Download Using Divi


How to Add a One Click WordPress PDF Download Using Divi

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  1. Thanks for your formative YouTubes! Please how do you copy & print protect the uploaded PDF? Thanks

  2. Hello, thanks for your tips. when i add the link . my downloads start automatically. i want it open first in the new tap . how to do that ? please help

  3. hey I want to make a force download, as soon as the page loads it downloads the pdf, please help ?

  4. I just want to say Thank You for theses videos I am not a web designer by any means, but your videos are helping me get it done.

  5. Hi! I watch your video all the time and they are very helpful. Thank you for that. But currently I am working on a event registration on my website and created a pdf with a clickable hyperlink. When I click on the link it takes me to the site my guest needs to be but as soon as I upload the same pdf to the wordpress the link doesn't work anymore. I uploaded the pdf as a link on one my page. Once I click on the link my pdf opens up but the hyperlink within the pdf doesn't work. Please help me if you know the answer.
    thanks in advanced.

  6. Sorry… just a question: Is it possible to allow anyone to upload a pdf file?…
    exactly the opposite of what you have explained thanks alot

  7. This was incredibly helpful. I could not figure out how to insert a simple pdf properly.Thank you for posting.

  8. Thank You. I managed to do it after watching this. I'd already watched about 4 other videos but not really been able to do it. It helps that I have the Divi theme I guess.

  9. Thanks, mate. Your video is the first to clearly show how and where to copy the correct URL for the PDF you uploaded in media.Tried and failed for half an hour til I found your video. Clear, concise, just what a tutorial needs to be.

  10. nice tutorial, you talk about building your mailing list, but know mention of having to complete a form before downloading the PDF, any clues on that please 🙂

  11. This does NOT explain how do you lock the content!!!! There is no exchange of email ! How do you lock the content?????

  12. Hi., this was so useful thank you! I really need some help from anyone out there, where do I insert my URL PDF link onto my Divi Builder and how do I connect it to Mailchimp. I am using WordPress.

  13. Where do we get the Divi builder 3.0?
    I have the lifetime subscription but I do not see it in the plugin section.
    Could you assist me with this?

  14. It worked very well on desktops, but it did not work on mobile devices. In mobiles, appears a message saying that no file was found. How can I solve this?

  15. Thank you for this tutorial, very useful. I wonder If I can do this not only with PDF files but with any file, meaning: .ai, .psd, .jpg, .png, .svg, .indd… and so on… Thanks!!!

  16. Cette vidéo est intéressante, mais elle n'explique pas comment inscrire la personne qui demande le PDF sur une mailing liste. Peut-on, en outre, ajouter ce "call to action" au bas d'un post ?
    This video is interesting, but it does not explain how to register the person requesting the PDF on a mailing list. Can we add this "call to action" to the bottom of a post?


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