How to backup your entire computer with Acronis True Image. Step-by-step follow along!


How to backup your entire computer with Acronis True Image. Step-by-step follow along!

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  1. Carey My moms Hard Drive with all her data just crashed and is dead.. 🙁 I just used your link to get Acronis Revive 2019. Hope this does the job 🙂

  2. Windows System backup is called "Backup and Restore(Win 7)" on Windows 10 which tells you that the Microsoft developers are not doing future development on it. Windows 10 (and 8.1) now has File History which is similar to Apple Time Machine. Also I don't think that you can do incremental backups with Windows backup so you need to go into the backup drive and manually delete the older Full backups because your drive will fill up.

  3. This is exactly what we needed. So glad I purchased Acronis and now have been informed of all the functionality's of this Excellent software. Thank you Carey and Acronis. I cannot wait to try it out .. and may get the offsite cloud subscription as well . 🙂

  4. So how do you backup 10 or 20 Tb of data on the cheap .

    DL DVD / CD & tape are out of the question & you will need more than one copy ?

  5. Great video and wish people take the advice seriously and do backups more often. I have been using Acronis since 2006 and Ghost before then. I eventually dropped Ghost and have been using Acronis exclusively.
    When I build, fix, update a PC, etc. I always give a copy of Acronis with an image of the system and set to back up users files..
    In case there is an issue with the OS, dead disk, etc. that image brings back the system to life in less that half hour and Acronis restores the later backup user files.

  6. Carey, I have used Acronis for years and thought I really understood it, but today's session taught me some more. Great job. If you chose to do another session, I would love to see exploration of backup to different hardware especially adding drivers in .inf, .sys, etc.. If not thanks anyway, it was a great interview. thanks

  7. For backups, I use (1) a batch file to copy my most important files to a second internal HD and an external HD (I do this manually as needed), (2) Acronis daily backup, image of the main drives, and (3) Carbonite to continuously put important files on the cloud.

  8. I had a question if i may. I noticed that you loaded the trial edition of Acronis 2019. I bought Acronis 2019 and under the "Advanced tab", there is a choice called "backup protection" that wasn't present on the trial version. The backup protection appears to give you the choice to encrypt your backups using a password. But sadly my backup protection is greyed out and i can't enter any information into that sub-menu. Can i ask why it's greyed out and do i need to pay above and beyond the normal retail box copy of Acronis that i bought to get that feature. Thanks

  9. I missed the live stream but I have a question. How do you access an ISO image from the backup that was made from the free 30 day trial version of Acronis. Reason I am asking is I bought the one machine only version and so the machine that I was backing up did not have the paid for version on it.
    Or another way of asking the question I guess is: where would I click in the main Acronis screen to get the 390MB .TIB backup converted to an ISO image. I think You Carey mentioned downloading an ISO early in the stream?


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