How to clone your disk with Acronis True Image for Sabrent


How to clone your disk with Acronis True Image for Sabrent

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  1. it keeps saying that this edition needs a sabrent disk plugged in even if it is.
    it's formatted and mounted.
    Any way to input my nvme disk's serial number and avoid this headache?

  2. I tried it more than 8 times and it just gave me blue screens, finally I duplicate it with AOMEI Partition Assistant with no problems on the first try.
    Sabrent 512GB Rocket NVMe

  3. What do you guys mean when you say "This device will only work on a PC with an identical chipset and raid controller". Do you mean the device will NEVER work for any other computer once I clone it, or that I will have to wipe the disk to reclone it? I don't want to buy a 300$ drive that will only ever work for one PC.

  4. Would this software allow me to clone a Samsung Nvme M.2 drive onto a Sabrent M.2 drive installed in a second M.2 slot on my motherboard? (My mobo has 3 M.2 slots.)

  5. how about a video showing us how to clone a drive to use in a new different computer without creating a media boot disk that require Windows ADK or PE.


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