How to create Acronis bootable media


How to create Acronis bootable media

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  1. dude, just talk normal. god why are you talking like your doin a fuckin infomercial or tryin to sell some shitty movie ? lol

  2. Hey there. I use Acronis 2014 live CD and my question is: Is it possible to manage (delete, create, resize) partitions right from that interface? Without installing a program like EaseUS, or do I need to do that manually with other partition managers?

  3. Thanks for taking the time to prepare and upload this tutorial. I have just received Acronis True Image 2015 and I'm about to create a full backup of my SSD (OS plus everything else is stored here). I will check for any Acronis updates before performing the backup and will also create a system restore disc on CD. I note you recommend creating a new restore disc whenever a new version of Acronis is released but is it also necessary to perform a new full backup and re-start the incremental backup's? If so, I take it that backup's created on earlier versions of Acronis may no longer work and can be deleted?


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