How to create Fairy Glitter in Adobe After Effects


How to create Fairy Glitter in Adobe After Effects

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  1. looking for a tutorial video on sparkles in Aftereffects at work, for an account plays

    "I …. LOVE guns."

    leaves work for the day

  2. I LOVE this tuto!! It's simple, very funny and you explain it soooooo well. Nice audio and everything. Thank you so much!! I'll go check the flame auto 🙂

  3. I loved this tutorial…. is it possible for you to add the last bit, of replacing the one image with another?

  4. Just want to let you know this is the MOST ENTERTAINING tutorial I have watched yet. I love the comedy. Makes learning after effects a whole lot more fun and less like pulling teeth.

  5. I bought adobe premiere pro and I didn’t know that it doesn’t include effects like that glitters I don’t know what to do should I buy after effects instead or I have to buy them both I used to edit my videos on iMovie and I found this program very complicated I feel down and at the same time I wish to improve my videos quality by adding cool effects please advise me

  6. Hi Walter! Amazing video!! I've completed every step, however, my background is white so my pixie dust keeps fading/blending into the background and I've tried changing the color and it just seems that nothing changes or the change is very slight. Do you know what I can do so the pixie dust pops up and not blends in it? Thanks Man your videos are great!

  7. Hi There!
    I'm having a major setback here. I have several objects in my footage for the fairy glitter to follow around, so I thought I'd replicate the solid layer with the effect and then play around with the producer's x and y position settings to have each glitter burst follow a different object.
    But when I try to do so, I can only preview the original solid layer with the applied effect, all replicates remain invisible. Thoughts?

  8. thank you so much for providing the practice footage.
    without it i would have probably learnt next to nothing.
    but with it i learnt a lot. and i had a lot of fun doing it.

  9. I need to animate some footage where these girls open up boxes, and pictures are supposed to come out from them and start waving around. I'm totally going to add this effect to them!! 😀


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